Southpaws Podcast

Episode 452 - Iowa Brain

February 8, 2020

We lived.

Savrin and Fuzz have been doing a lot lately, most recently AnthroExpo in Oklahoma City, but also talk about Fiesta prep, convention rules people never paid attention to until just now, furry unions, twitter people rudely forcing people out of the closet, and famous peoples legacies.

Ajax joins us in the back half of the show around the 66 minute mark when we go hard into some good news coming out of Virginia, our big red boy Lee Carter, and then... 85 minutes in.. we're talkin Iowa. Hold on to your butts.

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Boozy goes down the 'no police/military garb' rabbit hole- 

Some More News on Mayo Pete-  

Every once in a while we need to regen the join link for our Telegram chat- 

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