Episode 381 - Dankmas Eve

April 22, 2018

Remember boys, girls, and everyone else- leave cookies and milk out for Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson.

This week we've got idiots getting their comeuppance, brief discussions on TV shows, some furry convention news, Shiva's car shopping, and more.

Links mentioned in the episode:

"Furry Life In Prison" http://dogpatch.press/2018/04/17/furry-life-in-prison/
Season of the Bitch episodes 30 and 31: https://www.seasonoftheb.com/episodes/ 

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Episode 380 - Oh Lord There’s Tapes

April 17, 2018

This episode is out of order, 379 is coming once the interview segment is ok'd. 

This week on the show, we've got Savrin's FWA con report, political nonsense with lawyers and tapes, a discussion of the ongoing teachers strikes, new books, and more~

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Episode 378 - Delete Facebook

March 26, 2018

You really ought to.

This week is quite political as we discuss Facebook being bad, the white Christian terrorism in Austin, Fuzz beginning the process of naturalization to become a US citizen, the importance of voting in elections, and more.

On the fandom side of things, we discuss the Ursa Major and Coyotl Awards, fursuit hugs, and get a con report from ANE.

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Ursa Majors: http://www.ursamajorawards.org/
Coyotl Awards: http://coyotlawards.org/


Episode 377 - Regretrospective

March 12, 2018

This week, we're back after the original 377 was just rubbish, audio wise. This week it's less so, so all 3 of us cover a lot of ground. The convention stuff we discussed on the lost episode is brought back, then we cover a couple bad actors in the fandom as well. Savrin has gotten his Twitch Affiliate status, so that's really nice, and he talks some about Zelda too. We round out with a couple emails. Enjoy!

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Episode 376 - Welcome Back Shiva!

February 24, 2018

This week on the show we're all back together finally and we've got a slew of topics for you. We've all seen Black Panther and gush about it in a non spoilery manner, Savrin went by Lush and checked out their trans positivity and support effort, Shiva discusses her Fiesta, Savrin laments Youtube taking his dimes, Thems Fighting Herds being finally released, Billy Graham is dead, and we get a few emails to boot.

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Episode 375 - The Legend Of Kyell Gold

February 15, 2018

This week, Savrin & Fuzz are joined by Kyell Gold, furry author extraordinaire, and we discuss our experiences at Furry Fiesta 2018, with brief digressions here and there, and then his experiences visiting the Patreon offices a short while ago. This is probably the most focused episode we've ever recorded, honestly.

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Episode 374 - Gape It

February 3, 2018

This week, Savrin and Fuzz have a bunch of topics for a pretty quick show.

Here is the rundown~
-Furry Fiesta!

-New books!

-More New Tibet!
-Anime digression, Girls Last Tour & Made In Abyss
-Seize the Furry Means of Production!
-A Fursuit Collective would be cool.
-Fuzz’s FanExpo plans
-A convention withdrawing the invitation to perform from someone who acted like a massive dumbass online is, in fact, Extremely Professional.
-No, lawsuits aren’t panacea.
-Broken Fandom: http://observer.com/2018/02/black-panther-rotten-tomatoes-score-alt-right-star-wars/
-San Fransisco is wiping away a whole bunch of weed convictions, yay!
-Savrin is on the verge of being old.
-Kickstarter chatter
-Podcast naming sometimes doesn’t matter..
-Fiesta, woo!

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Episode 373 - The Good Old Days?

January 29, 2018

This week Fuzz and Savrin have a slew of topics. We start out being excited for Furry Fiesta, move directly into a bad revelation in the latest Brony News, discuss a rough situation Savrin's parents are experiencing, suss out the real intention behind people pining for the 'good old days' of the fandom, and discuss what media we've been consuming. We also get an email followup two years in the making!

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Episode 372 - Blame Peppercoyote

January 20, 2018

This week on Southpaws- Savrin and Fuzz have a new show intro from Peppercoyote, discuss the flu, AGDQ, Too Much Anime, The Last Jedi no-women cut, tide pods, the inability for fandom to not be political, and more.

Shiva was out sick this week.

Kyell's post mentioned in his email - http://kyellgold.com/wpblog/2017/01/24/since-you-asked/ 

New show theme by Peppercoyote - https://twitter.com/peppercoyote 

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Episode 371 - New Pod, Who Dis?

January 8, 2018

It's 2018, new name, same crew, and this time unfortunately questionable audio quality for Savrin. Not much we could do there, but we've purchased a second Yeti to ditch the Snowball mic Savrin was using.

This week we discuss what we're watching, what we're reading, the revival of Animaniacs, the new CW show Thunder, Savrin having a nuclear anxiety dream, a really good thread on "SJW" as a dismissive term, dirty cops, and Fuzz meeting his niece.

The twitter thread we discuss in the episode- https://twitter.com/andreuswolf/status/948145964019343360 

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