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Episode 417 - Florida Man Strikes Back

Episode 417 - Florida Man Strikes Back

March 23, 2019

This week: Shiva has been eaten by Fiesta, space Winnebagos, Florida Man, Google Stevia and our simultaneous good and bad cyberpunk future, airplane DLC, NZ deciding thoughts n prayers aren't enough, making your own Chik-fil-gay, and Patreon being bad. Plus a Fur The More con report~


Make your own chik-fil-gay sandwich - 

Episode 416 - Law Hatin’ Furries

Episode 416 - Law Hatin’ Furries

March 18, 2019

This week it's episode 416 take 2, since Savrin's iMac ate the original recording. Sorry about the audio quality of this one being suboptimal.

This week- Beto is a furry, Captain Marvel is pretty cool, GotG 3 got its writer back, Brexit shenanigans, the effect of the Tumblr porn ban, and how the internet helped create the terrorism in New Zealand. It's a spicy week.

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The current Democratic slate-

A law hating furry -

That Wolverine comic Savrin mentioned-

Episode 415 - Super SonicNo

Episode 415 - Super SonicNo

March 9, 2019
This week it's Fuzz and Savrin recording at his place. We open light, with brief discussion on the Sonic movie's look, the gamer dress, and the third anniversary of Zootopia. It's not all sweetness and light though, as we also talk about the BS surrounding Ilhan Omar, the (apparently) failed coup in Venezuela, and voter fraud in North Carolina. We also discuss the newly launched game company co-op The Glory Society.
Then there's a discussion about Kingdom Hearts.
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Music this week is "Like Everyone Else" by Foxamoore and PepperCoyote, off their album Spread Thy Wings 
The transcript of Ilhan Omar's remarks that started this recent nonsense -
Reporting on the failed coup in Venezuela via Argentina-
Episode 414 - Billionaire Tax

Episode 414 - Billionaire Tax

February 23, 2019
This week on Southpaws, we're inside and warm because Texas doesn't have normal seasonal weather patterns anymore. Topics this week include Amazon sucking, ConDFW, good news for Mermaids Gender in the UK, a little on Jussie, a rare 9-0 decision on the supreme court, and Astroneer being a lot of fun. Plus a few other things.
A white dude they actually called a terrorist-
Good news for Mermaids UK -
SCOTUS says no, 9-0 -
Episode 413 - Eff Bobby Kotick

Episode 413 - Eff Bobby Kotick

February 16, 2019

It's 70f in February, so we're on the patio tonight with an audience of kittens and a dog. We're here to talk about Activision Blizzard being greedy assholes, anime voice actors finally facing some sort of consequences after 20 years, a sports store facing repercussions for a recent business decision, and warn y'all of a fursuit scam site. 

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Kiss my ass, Bobby Kotick -

CAAApitalism: The Successful Failure Of Videogames-

Vic M opinions from Ozpin -

No Nike? No store - 

Joaquin Baldwin's collection of fake fursuit 'reviews' - 

That badass Marian pic we reference - 

Episode 412 - Boffing Boffins

Episode 412 - Boffing Boffins

February 4, 2019

On this extra thicc episode Savrin and Fuzz are here while Shiva is off being cultured and seeing a musical. We are all over the map this week, opening with discussions on some movies we watched together, the flitting around to things like Roger Stone's indictment, gamers gonna game, Kingdom Hearts ..2.. and a discussion on meme culture and its incredible speed. 

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Episode 411 - INFORMATION!

Episode 411 - INFORMATION!

January 26, 2019

Trans rights, OK!

This week- HBomberguys DK64 charity stream, A-Kon follow up, the Animorph books are free digitally, Kingdom Hearts 3 is out, and we should vore the rich.

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Animorphs EBooks -

HBomberguy's Twitch page - /

The Conquest of Bread -
Read it -

Episode 410 - We’re Gay

Episode 410 - We’re Gay

January 21, 2019

Did you know? We're all gay here. This week we've got major cons with new owners, Tumblr throwing out the porn and keeping the trash, #IMGAY and the importance of being out and loud, and dudes breaking their razors being added to the list of 'people destroying objects they own to own the libs'.

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This week, how about giving our pal Pepper a look too? - 


A-Kon has new owners -

Tumblr removed the porn, didn't move the nazis -


PepperCoyote's tweet-

Dudes breaking their own stuff- 

Episode 409 - Furry Podcast Done Quick

Episode 409 - Furry Podcast Done Quick

January 15, 2019

This week we have a target time of 1:15:00 so let's see if it's marathon safe. We've got AGDQ, gay soldiers, HIV testing at cons, sex positivity, evangelicals being bad, some good news, some shutdown discussion, and a few emails.

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76 is Gaaaaay -

HIV testing at cons is good and cool -

Sex Positivity in the fandom -

Evangelicals huh -

Cyntonia Brown granted clemency -

Find some Breadtubers -

Telegram chat - 

Episode 408 - We Lived

Episode 408 - We Lived

January 7, 2019

It's 2019, so let's catch back up. We talk about the stuff that happened since the last podcast, Tumblr is dead, the uncanny valley and its application to Tom Hanks movies, kickstarted furry books, fursuit photography, and more.

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Savrin's parent's GoFundMe -

Flat Earth, A Measured Response-

Contrapoints -