Southpaws Podcast

Episode 394 - Delete Twitter

August 20, 2018

Twitter is bad, y'all. 

This week we're all back at Shiva's place with a load of topics. Fuzz is going to WorldCon, a douchebag is planning on protesting it with his fashy friends, Twitter continues to be bad but people are finding ways to push back, furries you'd want to avoid are using pro-fascist pins to provide aposematic coloring at a con near you,  a couple good furry news bits, a neat queer indie comic kickstarter, and the FDA has approved a generic epipen.

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Twitter's purge reasoning- 

Twitter continues to screw up twitter-

Smut Peddler presents SEX MACHINE - 

Brad Wardell is a jerk

Furry aposematism -

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