Southpaws Podcast

Episode 385 - That’s SoFurry

June 6, 2018

Fuzz, Shiva, and Savrin are back together this week and have a whole bunch of topics. Voice actors being interviewed by furries, furry clothes, furry art about clothes, furries in and out of clothes, the SoFurry AUP update, sea lions, cops at pride, some video game stuff, and Janelle Monae. We're full of words!

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Culturally F’d - Ben Diskin interview -

Drop Dead Clothing by Jen Lee -

Fashion Furs Collective -

Best In Show Kickstarter -

SoFurry AUP Update -

The Terrible Sea Lion -

Cops At Pride -

2009 Fort Worth Gay Bar Raid -

Stephen Amell is the actor who plays Green Arrow

Pokemon Gold Beta Cartridge Info -

Janelle Monae Dirty Computer [Emotion Picture] -

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