Southpaws Podcast

Episode 364 - Pumpkin Spice Puppy

September 25, 2017

Enjoy our sweet podcast flowchart.


BYU allows caffeine on campus

Nearly $175,000 raised as Bernardi backlash prompts flood of donations to school's 'wear a dress' day

What we’re reading: Passing Through anthology published by Weasel Press

Hark! A Vagrant

Fandom news:

Furry Invasion in 2 weeks

Furpocalypse fuckupolypse

FA:U and Fur the More staffer fighting stage 3 colon cancer. Donate here to help with medical bills and please spread the word.

Rama now chair of MFF 2018

Furry media:

Bojack renewed

Trailer for Peter Rabbit dropped, CGI. Characters look cool. 

Trailer for Isle of Dogs, stop motion film by Wes Anderson

SonicFox is the new hotness. POC Furry who seems like a cool dude and is a highly visible public Furry. 

Tooth & Tail, a Furry vore console RTS is out now. 

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