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Episode 466 - CHAZ Act 1

Episode 466 - CHAZ Act 1

June 13, 2020

This week Fuzz and Savrin are joined by Hashna and Tempest, two tough gals who have been down on the streets of Seattle this last week. We discuss what it's like in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, Tempest shares her quite harrowing personal account of police brutality, are educated on pepper spray and tear gas mitigation, and what this could mean in the long term. This is a long episode, so buckle up!

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Episode 465 - Defund The Police

Episode 465 - Defund The Police

June 6, 2020

Been a hell of a week. 

We have a terrible D&D party, people doing what needs to be done with confederate monuments and relics, Savrin relates a tale of them having a fake $20, and the Gamers(tm) are upset.

Stay safe, and Black lives matter.

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