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Episode 461 - Faygo To The Polls

Episode 461 - Faygo To The Polls

April 25, 2020

On this freewheeling episode we discuss the Tiger King dildo, Animal Crossing, ridiculous people, the blood of Jesus, Juggalos, and more. 

Featuring Fuzz, Ajax, and Savrin


Said dildo:

Karen getting arrested for clout:

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Episode 460 - Week 4

Episode 460 - Week 4

April 11, 2020

Week 4 of Podcasting From Home. Time is a flat circle. 2016-5 continues.

Content warning for discussion call outs, call ins, and the whole Wild-Life situation starting at 39 minutes in.

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Episode 459 - Animal Crossing Is The Only Thing

Episode 459 - Animal Crossing Is The Only Thing

April 6, 2020

..Keeping my fragile mental state intact.


This week- Savrin encounters THE LIBS, trains are heavy, Animal Crossing is a godsend, toilet paper is a strange industry, and Randy Pitchford can choke on a cactus.

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