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Episode 444 - Not In Oz

Episode 444 - Not In Oz

October 26, 2019

This week - We didn't get hit by a tornado, though a lot of places near us did including an indie bookstore- Fallout f you first and it's scrappy cousin The Outer Worlds, the Veggietales are going to hell, Bernie has a plan to legalize weed, a wall in Colorado, and more.


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Episode 443 - PatioCast 2019

Episode 443 - PatioCast 2019

October 19, 2019

This week it's really nice outside.

Also this week - Savrin is a homeowner*, a furry artist gets their due in a mainstream-ish webcomic, what even is an imprint, The Outer Worlds, we find out whose land we're on, have a big ol trans struggle session, a basement of blood, overpriced chalupas, and levels of irony.

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Whose land are you living on?

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Episode 442 - China Dolls

Episode 442 - China Dolls

October 15, 2019
This episode was only slightly ruined by the storms on Thursday.
Fuzz and Savrin recount ACFI, we discuss some media we're enjoying, and then the power went out. Savrin picks it back up with a tale of their trip to Out On The Brazos in Waco as well as the series finale of colorful horse show.
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