Episode 394 - Delete Twitter

August 20, 2018

Twitter is bad, y'all. 

This week we're all back at Shiva's place with a load of topics. Fuzz is going to WorldCon, a douchebag is planning on protesting it with his fashy friends, Twitter continues to be bad but people are finding ways to push back, furries you'd want to avoid are using pro-fascist pins to provide aposematic coloring at a con near you,  a couple good furry news bits, a neat queer indie comic kickstarter, and the FDA has approved a generic epipen.

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Twitter's purge reasoning- https://twitter.com/TwitterSafety/status/1029419439903698945 

Twitter continues to screw up twitter- https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2018/08/15/jack-dorsey-says-hes-rethinking-core-how-twitter-works/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.febdb5143a0a

Smut Peddler presents SEX MACHINE - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ironspike/smut-peddler-presents-sex-machine 

Brad Wardell is a jerk
1- https://www.gofundme.com/help-fred-amp-paul-save-the-universe?member=333940
2- https://www.dogarandkazon.com/blog/2018/3/24/nope-and-nope

Furry aposematism - https://twitter.com/JUNIUS_64/status/1030227310006415362


Episode 393 - Big N Y’all

August 15, 2018

This week on the show, Fuzz, Shiva, and Savrin are all back with good furry news, bad furry news, tales of Twitter being a hellsite, more discussion about the upcoming WoW expansion, and more.

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That R/Legaladvice screencap from ChipFox - https://twitter.com/chipfoxx/status/1027240474518736896

Howlr doesn't have your best interests in mind
Part 1- https://twitter.com/DeoTasDevil/status/1027156064159100928
Part 2- https://twitter.com/HijinxLynx/status/1029363313711435776
Part 3- https://twitter.com/BagelTiger/status/1027122816167043072


Bonus Pod - Fox & Wolf Movie Time Ep 1 - Chopping Mall

August 14, 2018

This bonus episode is the first Fox & Wolf Movie Time episode Fuzz and I recorded as a Patreon exclusive. The gist is Fuzz and I watch a film one of us hasn't seen and the other likes, and discuss it afterwards. If you'd like to hear more of these, and there are a good number of them, check us out at www.patreon.com/southpawscast 


Episode 392 - Crisis On Finite Patreon

August 4, 2018

This week on the show we're all over at Shiva's place and have a whole host of hot topics to touch on. The title topic, obviously, with Patreon screwing up again and costing a lot of people a lot of money, Sylvanas being bad and nerds being mad, Bronycon dying to it's own hooves, Sylveon is trans, furry excellence, furry clothing, Fuzz's publishing adventure, Shiva hitting 41, and a tale of a racists effective self-ownage.

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WoW nerds, please - https://twitter.com/TerranGregory/status/1024395885143359489

Spread Thy Wings crosses 30k- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1382479961/spread-thy-wings

Racist self-owns - https://twitter.com/kharyp/status/1023733408260923392