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Episode 391 - She-Rawr

Episode 391 - She-Rawr

July 24, 2018

Shiva is back! She still exists! This week we're all back recording at her place and we've got a whole host of topics. Some early SDCC stuff, She-Ra discussion, Savrin is ultra disappointed in Amanchu Advance and has a lot to say on the early bits of the 2017 podcast series Seeing White. We also cover some fandom news, the next Foxes & Peppers kickstarter, and more.

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Seeing White-

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Stamped From the Beginning 

The History of White People - 


Gay Horses -

Amanchu Advance >:( -

Straw Bans Are Bad, Actually -

Furry Socialisms!

Fox & Peppers Spread Thy Wings Kickstarter - 

Southpaws Fan Chat - 

Episode 390 - 2641 Miles

Episode 390 - 2641 Miles

July 15, 2018

This week Fuzz and Savrin take a lighter tack. A lot of the show is Savrin recounting his Anthrocon adventures, with a con report from Jay Dee, a few quick topic hits, and a wrapup email talking about cool furry tabletop RPGs and a shoutout to the creator of Cyberpunk (the RPG), Mike Pondsmith.

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The Anthrocon fursuit badge werewolf is trans -

Furries X Juggalos, Woop Woop -

A True Legend -

McMansion Hell - Texas Edition - 

Hc Svnt Dracones -

Mike Pondsmith, Cool Dude -

Episode 389 - Cyberpaws

Episode 389 - Cyberpaws

July 2, 2018

This week, Savrin opens on people willfully misrepresenting cyberpunk game mechanics, then we've got a D putting forth a bill to legalize weed, Dark Horse pledging to get its act together on trans inclusive health insurance, SGDQ, and more.

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MJ -

Dark Horse -

TanaCon -

Star Wars Nerds -

NZ stalker -

Blacksad Video Game -

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