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Episode 308 - Macabre Fennecs

Episode 308 - Macabre Fennecs

March 27, 2016

Because titles about Ed Gein might raise some flags on iTunes.

Savrin and Fuzz return for more ZootopiaCast, talk about freak hailstorms, the unending hellscape of social media, and implore people to JUST BE NICE, DAMMIT.

Also, a whole bunch of emails.

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(If you'd like to know more about a 'titty vest', Savrin recommends episodes 172-174 of The Last Podcast On The Left - )

Episode 307 - TFF 2029

Episode 307 - TFF 2029

March 20, 2016

Fuzz and Savrin fall out of a time portal from the future. It's grim, but hey it was the 20th anniversary of Furry Fiesta in their timeline!

We talk about the con, Zootopia, read some con reports from Vancoufer, Zootopia, set aside the longest wall of text we've ever gotten, more Zootopia, grim advice for someone whose relationship is on the skids.. and some Zootopia.


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