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Episode 306 - Official Greymuzzles

Episode 306 - Official Greymuzzles

February 27, 2016

Fuzz is 40. Savrin saw Deadpool. We discussed the RainFurrest post-mortem. We learned about NC-17 films. It's a very educational week here on KnotCast.

This will be our last episode until after Furry Fiesta, since next week we're being maximum furries and seeing Zootopia opening night together.

Aforementioned RF post-mortem:

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Episode 305 - Podcasts Du Jour

Episode 305 - Podcasts Du Jour

February 20, 2016

This week, Savrin and Fuzz are joined remotely by Emdefmek via the magic of Skype and XSplit. It's a damn shame that Windows 10 hates FireWire. Anyways, in addition to lots of tangents and Fuzz's attempts at pronouncing Scottish place names, we discuss our Podcasts Of The Now.

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Episode 304 - VD Blues

Episode 304 - VD Blues

February 12, 2016

This week it's Savrin and Fuzz since Shiva is now in CRUNCH MODE for Fiesta. Prepare yourself for a NERD TSUNAMI. We talk about tons and tons of different stuff.. and get to emails .. eventually. And even then we tangent. Tangetcast, that's us.

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Episode 303 - Half Price Monsters

Episode 303 - Half Price Monsters

February 5, 2016

Bad Fuzz, no donut.

This is a really long episode. Shiva and Savrin had OPINIONS last week, so we got a lot in return. We reply to said opinions.. and thus invite more! Truly we have entered a vicious cycle. Before that though, we talk about PAX South, half price monster titties, and Fuzz not being dead.

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