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Episode 271 - KnotSheathed RF2014

Episode 271 - KnotSheathed RF2014

January 27, 2015

This episode of KnotSheathed was recorded at Rainfurrest 2014, featuring Fuzz and Kyell Gold.

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Episode 270 - Solo Queue Fennec

Episode 270 - Solo Queue Fennec

January 16, 2015

KC Solo Show~

Convention news- Further Confusion is this week! Fuzz & Teiran and a whole bunch of other Furplanet folks are out there, so say hi if you somehow download this before you get to the con.

Furry Fiesta is SUPER CLOSE. Shiva is off working on Staff polos. She’s solo producing them so it’s crunch time for her.

Gaming track - I’ve acquired a second CRT via dumpster diving. It works! You too can play old school vidya in the proper aspect ratio. Specifically Brawl.

Super exited for Fiesta, hotel is completely full, this is going to be a fantastically big year for us.

YOUTUBES - Freedom Planet is all the way finished. Sonic CD is up next. Sonic Adventure DX will run til the end of the month. I take suggestions for titles to play!

Next week: FC reports! We want em!!

Episode 269 - Sex Edumacated

Episode 269 - Sex Edumacated

January 9, 2015

This week on KnotCast, Savrin and Fuzz are joined by Avery and Kyo! We return from our break bright eyed and bushy tailed, fresh and ready to take on the world.. something like that. We talk our panel plans for Furry Fiesta, joke around as we do, and get right into the emails.

We talk hybrid fursonas, get asked about first time parenting, and have an email where a guy calls someone a cunt 24 times in an email. Yikes.

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Episode 268 - Solo Show

Episode 268 - Solo Show

January 2, 2015

This week Savrin does a quick ramble cast solo since the weather conspired against us.

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