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Episode 263 - Texas Hexes

Episode 263 - Texas Hexes

September 12, 2014

This week on KnotCast we discuss bootlegs, character copyrights, Furry Siesta, and more.

Zia writes in to share about the efforts to help out Bill Mantlo-

Also, the first Heavenly Nostrils book is out. Savrin thinks it's pretty keen. -

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Music this week is "5 Minutes", the full version of our intro music, by Sub-Level 03

Episode 262 - Poopdukes

Episode 262 - Poopdukes

September 5, 2014

This week Savrin and Fuzzwolf talk about a whole bunch of things! The passing of James Hardiman, Fuzz’s #GayWolfWedding, the whole #gamergate bit while Fuzz asks questions, and then.. and only then.. do we get to the emails! We didn’t get any topical emails for our attempt at college survival tips in 261 but you guys made up for it this weekend.

This weeks music is “Sick of Partying” by Caine

Use our coupon code at ‘knot’ at for a great deal~

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