Episode 138 - Poptart Cats

April 30, 2011

This week on KnotCast, its Savrin and Rekkie with a token female! Fuzz and Shiva have both fallen ill, so its a different sort of dynamic this week. It's open topic, so we're all over the map on emails, and we even sneak in a segment on vidyagaems at the very end. Fuzz wasn't here to stop us, hahahaahahahaa. Rekkie was on hand to keep Savrin from talking ponies too much though. Aw.

This weeks music is 'Hogtied' by Brandon Strader and Rexy

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Episode 137 - Sticking It In Crazy

April 24, 2011

This week on KnotCast, its all about the crazy. High bars are set this week for crazy, and Savrin, Fuzz, and Shiva read them as a warning to all.

We also memorialize the Cat of Hate, Lilly, who died tuesday. Her random meowing on the podcast will be missed. Haters gonna hate, but she was the best at it.

This weeks songs are
'Apple Skytree' and 'She's Just a DJ Unicorn' by Sci & Chain Algorithm

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Episode 136 - I Liek U

April 16, 2011

This week on PonyCa… wait, no no.. This week Savrin Sparkle, Fuzzyshy, Shiva Dash, and Rekkie Pie ..

This week on Knotcast, its all about reaching out and escaping the dreaded FRIEND ZONE. We hear tales of success and failure, and have some fun back and forth. Threatening to kill your cohorts is just teasing! …Yeah..

This weeks song is 'Golden Cupcakes' by Markingdude. It's pony. :3
DL links on the page.

The mini-story read by Savrin in the last minute of the show is titled Big Mac Isn't Picky, but has no author information on its google docs page. :(

Also, in the theme of More Pony, Savrin, Flain, and Special Guests will be putting together a MLP podcast maybe-one-shot here in the next week.

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Episode 135 - Fandom Is Weird!

April 9, 2011

This week on KnotCast, its all out FANDOM WAR! Or.. well, not. We get feedback on this weeks topic, a few off topic emails, and end the show on a horrifying (to Savrin) note.

It's magical. :D

This weeks song is "Crimson Twilight" by the OCRemixer Dr. Manhattan .. It's Castlevania, not ponies!

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Episode 134 - Friendship is Magnets

April 1, 2011

This week on KnotCast, Savin, Shiva, Fuzz, and token female Tealfox discuss friendship and its mysterious qualities. Well, we don't really touch on it that much, but we answer questions about merchandising, get a MLP:FiM email and reveal the depths of Savrin's pony involvement, get hit by a couple walls of text, and also give some advice about first times and the Freshness Seal.

This weeks song is Evil Enchantress [Euro Spell Mix] by Odyssey & The DNA Team
(Yes, it is.)

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