Episode 373 - The Good Old Days?

January 29, 2018

This week Fuzz and Savrin have a slew of topics. We start out being excited for Furry Fiesta, move directly into a bad revelation in the latest Brony News, discuss a rough situation Savrin's parents are experiencing, suss out the real intention behind people pining for the 'good old days' of the fandom, and discuss what media we've been consuming. We also get an email followup two years in the making!

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Episode 372 - Blame Peppercoyote

January 20, 2018

This week on Southpaws- Savrin and Fuzz have a new show intro from Peppercoyote, discuss the flu, AGDQ, Too Much Anime, The Last Jedi no-women cut, tide pods, the inability for fandom to not be political, and more.

Shiva was out sick this week.

Kyell's post mentioned in his email - http://kyellgold.com/wpblog/2017/01/24/since-you-asked/ 

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Episode 371 - New Pod, Who Dis?

January 8, 2018

It's 2018, new name, same crew, and this time unfortunately questionable audio quality for Savrin. Not much we could do there, but we've purchased a second Yeti to ditch the Snowball mic Savrin was using.

This week we discuss what we're watching, what we're reading, the revival of Animaniacs, the new CW show Thunder, Savrin having a nuclear anxiety dream, a really good thread on "SJW" as a dismissive term, dirty cops, and Fuzz meeting his niece.

The twitter thread we discuss in the episode- https://twitter.com/andreuswolf/status/948145964019343360 

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Episode 370 - Premeditated Sin

December 28, 2017

This week on KnotCast, we go back in time to December 7th when we recorded this episode. Patreon hadn't yet pulled back, we discuss the Christians trying to bring about the end of the world, joke about "I Will Survive" by Borba aka That Zootopia Comic, and more.

2018 is coming and with it a new name! How exciting!

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Episode 369 - No Title Needed

December 7, 2017

This week on KnotCast, Savrin and Shiva sit down to catch up on things post-Thanksgiving while Fuzz is out with a cold. They discuss pup hoods, nazis recruiting in nerd culture, this season of anime and the things that make you raise an eyebrow, tv, books, leftist podcasts, #churchtoo, and even a couple emails.

Deo's Medium article: https://medium.com/@DeoTasDevil/how-white-nationalism-courts-internet-nerd-culture-b4ebad07863d

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Episode 368 - The High Ground DLC

November 28, 2017

Fuzz and Savrin discuss convention nightmares, conventions not being nightmares, Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Trek fan fic shows being good, expectations in media consumption, Savrin's distaste for crapsack world fiction, and more.
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Episode 367 - Winter Is Coming

November 18, 2017

This week it's just Fuzz and Savrin bantering. We discuss Thor in a nonspoilery fashion, the Doctors new look, some con stuff, and more. If this episode seems more off the cuff than usual, it's because it was.



Episode 366 - The Glue Factory

November 9, 2017

This week on KnotCast, Savrin has survived his final convention as a con chairman and feels good about it, Fuzz has books, Shiva has household woes, and we have a month and a half of emails.

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Episode 365 - State of Confusion

October 19, 2017

It's been 3 weeks and so many fresh horrors have occurred we decide to skip the majority of them and discuss Savrin's trip to the middle of nowhere, the MLP movie and the state of it's fandom, Pink concerts, books we're reading, and more.

We'll have hopefully 1 more episode this month but won't have one the weekend of the 27th. Episode after that will have some war stories..

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Episode 364 - Pumpkin Spice Puppy

September 25, 2017

Enjoy our sweet podcast flowchart.


BYU allows caffeine on campus

Nearly $175,000 raised as Bernardi backlash prompts flood of donations to school's 'wear a dress' day


What we’re reading: Passing Through anthology published by Weasel Press


Hark! A Vagrant


Fandom news:

Furry Invasion in 2 weeks

Furpocalypse fuckupolypse

FA:U and Fur the More staffer fighting stage 3 colon cancer. Donate here to help with medical bills and please spread the word. 


Rama now chair of MFF 2018

Furry media:

Bojack renewed

Trailer for Peter Rabbit dropped, CGI. Characters look cool. 

Trailer for Isle of Dogs, stop motion film by Wes Anderson

SonicFox is the new hotness. POC Furry who seems like a cool dude and is a highly visible public Furry. 

Tooth & Tail, a Furry vore console RTS is out now. 

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