Episode 312 - Hashtag Furries

April 28, 2016

We are joined via Skype by PepperCoyote this week, discussing his upcoming collaborative album with Fox Amoore, his Anthrocon plans, and more furry musician stuff. We talk a bit about HavenCon too, but don't actually hit any emails since it was 10:30 by the time we wrapped up with Pepper. Whoops. Next week: THREE weeks of asks and emails. :x

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Episode 311 - Beautiful Disaster

April 17, 2016

This week.. we're all here! All 3 of us! We can still podcast together!
This week we've got walls of text, make lots of tasteless jokes, Fuzz gets to talk a bit about how a NORMIE convention goes, and we get a whole lot of tumblr asks.

And this weeks music break is 100% guaranteed to not scar you.
Mega Man 8 - Aerobatics by Just Coffee - http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03323

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Episode 309 - Bi Everything

April 9, 2016

Count the Zootopia tangents in this episode and let us know. It's been over a month, but we still want to gently love the bunny.

We also answer questions about Hulkamania running wild on Gawker, species changes, spanking, and give Wolfiemann his own back third of an episode with a long email!

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Episode 310 - Kangawhats

April 9, 2016

This week it's Savrin and Shiva, as Fuzz is off being a normie at a publishers convention. We talk about where Shiva has been, the FurCast hack briefly, discuss how2convention, get handed a glorious music break song, and learn a whole lot about kangaroos.

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This music break is "FUTA" by Wootmaster- youtube.com/watch?v=CNA2SVuRcPg