Episode 292 - NCSB

August 30, 2015

So much to discuss.. Ashley Madison continues to fester, Rentboys get caught out, new books get released, and ... anime? Plus emails- shame about kinks, a con report, cross dresser hate crimes, podcasts, and joining the glorious PCMR.

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Episode 291 - The Duggaring

August 21, 2015

This week is quite special. We've got a gender balance this week with the addition of Halfwit as a guest host, we discuss Jared eating a bit too fresh, talk about Ashley Madison, Josh Duggar being a giant hypocrite, and have a whole handful of emails and anon asks from Tumblr.

As a special bonus this week also includes an 11 minute short story reading by Savrin appended to the end of the show. It's "It Must Have Been Suicide" by Shirou14. It's noir, so true to theme it's kinda dark.

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Episode 290 - What’s In A Name?

August 15, 2015

Savrin and Fuzz run through a ton of emails this week. Anons from tumblr, Jeeves chimes in, best and worst con memories, and Fuzz's mundane life! Also, 2016 is the Year Of The Furries. Beware, ye normies!

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Episode 289 - Moist Places

August 9, 2015

We're all back from our various adventures this week. Savrin has tales of San Japan, Shiva has tales of Furry Siesta, and we geek out a little about the next WoW expansion. We hit up as many emails as we could, given we started late, but we'll have them handy for next episode.

Thanks to our patrons, we've finally started to replace our old gear. We've replaced our sketchy old mic preamp and our headphone setup. We'll be getting new headphones soon and maybe a couple chairs so the 3rd person in doesn't have to sit on a metal folding chair.. :D

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